TECH FOR PLANET : let’s talk solutions!

Climate change is a global emergency. But solutions already exist. Now it’s time to scale them! Let’s build one, or better yet, allow the ones that already exist to scale and thrive.

On December 12th, the One Planet Summit, organized by the French Presidency will gather leaders from all around the world. This incredible opportunity is a clear message from our government: there is a need for a global response when it comes to environmental issues.

On Monday, December 11th, NUMA, with The French Presidency, BNP Paribas, Microsoft, and Schneider Electric, and with the support of SUEZ is presenting Tech For Planet, in an effort to add to this generalized dynamics towards a better future. Designed as an introduction to the Summit, our initiative is a side-event with one goal: move from talk to action.

The beliefs behind our logic

Because it always starts with a why.

1 – Solutions already exist

In the tech world, innovative solutions to concrete problems are already available. They vary in maturity and magnitude, but they all have the same need to be nurtured and supported.

Examples backing this statement are numerous, and we even had the pleasure to work on some of them in house.

For instance, for the past three years, NUMA has developed and scaled the multi-disciplinary program DataCity, alongside key partners such as the City of Paris. In this context, startups Quantmetry and Dataiku co-developed in 2016 a visualisation solution aiming to better adapt urban lighting to actual citizen needs, saving 3% to 10% in electricity costs for municipalities.

Innovation is everywhere, solutions already exist. They deserve better recognition, better funding and they need to be replicated and scaled worldwide for global impact.

2 – Solutions need wide adoption for a real scale up

Corporates and startups, much like progress and sustainability are oftentimes seen as antonyms. But to move from dialog to results, we are convinced that you have to see beyond those unfounded oppositions.

Tech For Tomorrow is not only a great step towards a collaborative mindset, it’s also the physical manifestation of both ethical tech and a change of corporate responsibility towards global warming. Additionally, Tech for Planet unites both corporate and public actors, Companies, and Cities.

There is a will to make things better. Together, let’s pave the way.

The Event

See how we organized it.

Tech For Planet is a mix of inspiring keynotes, and startups showcasing their solutions:

  • The Manifesto Arena.

    Get inspired by world-class ambitious entrepreneurs and leaders, from industries such as finance, energy, transport, but also politicians, and artists:

    • Marie-Vorgan Le Barzic, CEO of NUMA & Luc Jacquet, film director
    • Bertrand Piccard, Founder of Solar Impulse Foundation
    • Bertrand Badré, Founder and CEO Blue like an Orange Capital, Author “Can finance save the world?”
    • Charlotte Aubin Kalaidjian, CEO GreenWish Partners
    • Jean-Laurent Bonnafé, CEO of BNP Paribas & Thomas Sunna, Founder of Sunna Design
    • Gilles Boeuf, biologist
    • Jean-Louis Chaussade, CEO of SUEZ & Jérôme Delafosse et Victorien Erussard, cofounders of Energy Observer
    • Emmanuel Lagarrigue, Executive VP Innovation & Strategy of Schneider Electric
    • Dirk Ahlborn, CEO of Hyperloop Transportation Technologies
    • Brad Smith, President of Microsoft
    • Frédérique Vidal,  Minister of Higher Education, Research and Innovation & Corinne Le Quéré, Director of Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research
  • The Tech Forum

    Discover the solutions from 30 selected startups, divided in 5 categories:

    • Cities
      • Quantmetry
      • Dataiku
      • Linc
      • Qarnot Computing
      • Karos
      • Pavegen
    • Biodiversity
      • Agriloops
      • Tree – Newreality
      • nextProtein
      • Ecosia
    • Sustainable Energy
      • Morgan Solar
      • Waga Energy
      • SonnenBatterie
      • Sabella
      • DCBrain
      • Heliatek
    • Waste & Water
      • Green Mantra
      • Phenix
      • Skipping Rocks Lab
      • Pili
      • L’increvable
      • Aquassay
      • Wéco
      • Plastic Odyssey
    • Carbon Footprint
      • Zéphyr et Borée
      • Greenspector
      • Cgon
      • Open Airlines


A big thanks to all our partners for making this happen.

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