Our first international Demoday : 12 startups from 4 differents NUMAs

Trybe, Dockbit, Vitcord, Hijiffy, Lokatrain, Goodeed, Ma Coiffeuse Afro, MaSmartHome, Energy Square, Vaonis, Syos, MySender, FilmarketHub !
All of these promising startups share at least one common point : they have been through a NUMA accelerator program and are now raising their series A round.

The scene: it’s 6pm in London, the startups have honed their pitches, investors are ready to listen attentively, and it’s time for NUMA’s first international DemoDay, hosted by Google Campus London.


The NUMA acceleration methodology : mission, vision and execution

As explained by Romain Amblard, Global Acceleration Lead for NUMA and Pep Gomez, Chairman of NUMA Growth (Barcelona), all of NUMA’s seven highly-selective acceleration programs (Barcelona, Bengaluru, Casablanca, Moscow, Mexico, Montpellier and Paris ) work with “mission-driven” entrepreneurs choosing to address global problems through tech-based solutions.


For NUMA, being an entrepreneur means 3 things :

Addressing a current or future global problem

Our entrepreneurs are “mission-driven”, which means they are not “mercenaries” who only detect market opportunities, but people compelled by a deep and sincere reason to embark on an entrepreneurship journey. Often, this drive comes from a problem they have experienced personally..

Building a vision to deploy the right solution

An entrepreneur’s vision is their ability to project their solution/product in the future, and extrapolate its impact. It is their fuel allowing them to engage others as their company grows, including employees, mentors, investors…

Being fully dedicated to executing their vision

Maintaining a consistency between vision and execution is both extremely powerful and incredibly difficult. Challenges might include refusing a customer who brings “bad traction” or constantly tweaking a business model to adjust to market changes, increasing competition or barriers to entry.
Objectives by objectives, KPIs by KPIs, these entrepreneurs are fully dedicated to building companies that achieve their long-term vision, and reaching scale.


Our first international Demo Day : 12 startups from 4 differents NUMAs.

Being accelerated by NUMA means being part of an international community, since we have acceleration program in 6 countries and 7 locations : France, Spain, India, Mexico, Morocco and Russia. It is not simply addition but multiplication of opportunities for our startups. So it was time to gather everyone in the same place, and to make them meet europeans and londonians’ investors.



The pitches

Trybe  is an SaaS enabled marketplace for independent chefs to set up, manage, and promote an online food business. They are building the world’s biggest restaurant, with locations in every corner of the globe.


Dockbit turns complex software deployments into simple and manageable workflows. They bring teams together by empowering them to ship code better.


Hijiffy connects guests to hotels through Messaging Apps. They provide the first messaging as a service with personalized automatization, as a way to reduce friction in customer communication, improve service, and drive more revenue.


Goodeed democratizes online donations for non-profits. They’re building the first worldwide community of donors that mobilizes instantly, and for free.


Ma Coiffeuse Afro connects masters of afro hair with people who struggle to find a hairdresser. Their vision is to make health and beauty simple for people of color.


MaSmartHome makes it easy to create a customized and evolutive smart home. They turn any home into the home of your dreams.


Energysquare has developed brand new technology that charges any device placed on any flat surface.Their first product is an intuitive charging surface for smartphones, that can be installed at home or in your office.


Vaonis has been founded in 2016 by two enthusiastic astronomers who met during their aerospace studies , Vaonis designs intelligent astronomical instruments, starting with the world’s most compact telescope.


SYOS disrupts the industry of acoustic musical instruments making by offering musicians a 3D-printed custom mouthpiece,-based on an algorithm linking the musician’s desired sound aesthetics and the geometry of their instrument.


My Sender is a platform that aggregates all communication channels between companies and their clients.


Filmarket Hub is the AngelList for the Film Industry; an online marketplace to connect film projects in development with production companies and financiers around the world. It is Europe and Latin America’s leading platform


Vitcord creates contagious live stories. Real-time collective memories are created, by enabling video-mixing of life’s best moments from different points of view. Vitcord transforms, for the first time, a community of viewers into re-actors, and contributors.


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