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NUMA, guiding startups, companies and NGOs in their innovation strategies, is proud to launch NUMA Learn, its all-new training center for large companies.

No one can pretend to know what our next business models will look like, let alone tomorrow’s professions, next-generation technology or even the skills that they will require. We haven’t yet found the solutions to the big challenges we’ll be facing between now and 2030. We simply must adapt our organizations to harness this dynamic of continual change, and in doing so bring it towards collective intelligence.

Large pockets devoted to digital transformation are popping up within all large groups. The urgency to innovate and go digital can no longer be denied. Organizations and their working methods are still to be reinvented. The next big challenge for large groups, above and beyond the digital revolution, is the entrepreneurial revolution.

Since its founding 3 years ago, NUMA has supported over 120 organizations in this Digital and Entrepreneurial Transition, with the strong conviction that it all starts with company culture. NUMA has guided many companies, encouraging them to innovate either like startups (Intrapreneurship, Startup Studio) or with startups (Topical Accelerators, Open Innovation).

Learning to work like startups

Here at NUMA, we’re persuaded that tech entrepreneurs with a strong sense of purpose will have a significant impact on the complex problems to be tackled between now and 2030.

They have made urgency, limited resources and passion their motor for innovation. Our purpose is to guide them, to provide them with the tools and the connections to get the job done. Their methodology and their sense of purpose may also hold the key to helping large companies.

Lean, Design Thinking, Minimum Viable Product, Prototypes, Pitch are by no means taboo words used only by geeks, nor merely by those under the age of 30, nor just by companies with under 30 employees. Startups do not have the monopoly on agile methods. Our aim is to demystify and democratize their way of working.

Lean startup / Design Thinking / Service Design are methods used by tech entrepreneurs and startups who make limited timeframes and means a blessing in disguise in the innovation process. Their methods enable organizations to keep their focus squarely on their users and to remain agile. These methods stop you from falling helplessly in love with your own solution or your own offer, but still foster all-important passion for your project.

The gauntlet laid down by the “Digital Revolution” is also to implement new ways of working, straight outta startups.

Learning to work with startups

At NUMA these days we’re often asked to provide entrepreneurs and companies with the means not only to resolve the problems of 2017, but also to tackle those of 2030. We are working to make technological innovation widely available, in order to tackle the world’s biggest challenges, such as our carbon footprint, education, working methods, food, transport, communication and health. Here at NUMA, we are persuaded that tech entrepreneurs have the real know-how, soft skills and key motivational levers to help our societies rise to the biggest challenges we’ll face by 2030.

Building these open innovation ecosystems helps our clients learn how to collaborate with other large groups, to gather key actors in their industry, to generate new business opportunities and initiate their own entrepreneurial revolution.

Open Innovation, Intrapreneurship, Vertical Acceleration, Third Spaces & Startup Studio are just some of the platforms available to learn how to work within an open innovation ecosystem.

Succeeding in creating synergy with startups also means learning to go from treating them as service providers to viewing them as partners, from providing a strict spec sheet to engaging in a process of co-construction. To protect its capacity to innovate and its business model, a startup must maintain its independence with regards to a key account. The survival of a given startup is contingent on its freedom to act. This new relationship with external partners ends up mirroring the best relationships seen between internal collaborators. Open Innovation is to traditional Research and Development what agile management is to pyramid organizational structures. A collaborative culture, both internal and external, is a becoming a must in digital transformation.

NUMA Learn

At NUMA our conviction is that innovation is not just about startups or technology, but that it’s a question of culture and willingness. That’s why we are investing in the development of entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs from this universe. Developing actors in innovation who are capable of transforming companies and our society is at the very heart of NUMA’s raison d’être.

NUMA is developing its training programs for large companies who wish to transform themselves, with the goal of guiding not only their early-adopting teams, but also the thousands of collaborators whose working methods simply must evolve.

Training Programs on Offer:

Who for?

  • Experts in innovation and entrepreneurship;
  • C-suite and Senior Executives;
  • Operational Managers.


  • To identify and engage with leaders in the transformation of your company;
  • To immerse yourself in the culture of innovation and to collaborate within an open ecosystem
  • To make the practices used by startups your own, so as to improve your agility and become the motor in the transformation in your company.


Coming soon to NUMA.

Perrine G.

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