Discover the 8 finalists of the first Google Startup Exchange

We are thrilled to announce the winners of the first Google Startup Exchange organized by NUMA, in Paris. The 8 finalists will spend 1 week in immersion among our team, our batch of alumni as well as experts and entrepreneurs, to discover the French market.

Since our beginnings, Google for Entrepreneurs has supported NUMA in many ways. Being member of the GFE Tech Hub Network, we are taking part in the Google Startup Exchange by welcoming startups from other member accelerators, incubators, and coworking spaces of the GFE Tech Hub Network.

What is this exchange about? « Google for Entrepreneurs Exchange is a week-long immersion program that bridges the gap between startups, experts, and new markets.  Each Exchange session brings together entrepreneurs from around the world in a specific industry together to improve their product, gain access to new markets, prepare for funding and meeting potential clients. »

NUMA is currently running the UR link program, focused on the retail industry and Data City program, focused on Smart Cities. These are the first vertical acceleration programs powered by NUMA. That is why for the Google Startup Exchange, we selected 4 startups from the retail industry, and 4 from the Smart City industry. 

We received great applications from more than 20 different countries and we would like to thank all the participants.

And now, time for the winners! Please find below a brief description of the selected startups:


GFE Retail winners


INST-ORE solved the no-links problem for brands & publishers who ant to convert their Instagram followers into more traffic & sales. With their smart bo link, users get straight to the content they want.

countBOX-logoCountBOX – is a service that generates detailed foot traffic statistics. Visitors counting, revenue, conversion ratio, time spent at location, time between visits, gender, age and race – all the essential metrics under your fingertips. They act like offline Google Analytics. They grab data from devices and start delivering insights for your business immediately

Capture d’écran 2016-03-18 à 11_22_34

Effy makes smart scheduling simple. We take in-store data to ensure retail stores have the right staff at the right place, at the right time. This increases the conversion rate, facilitates lean retailing and gives control back to the manager.

Capture d’écran 2016-03-18 à 11_26_54

With Placemeter, retailers can measure in real-time how many people walk by their stores, and how many get inside, effectively providing a real-life “capture rate” or “walk-in rate”. It allows brands to compare the attractivity of their different locations together, among many things.

GFE Smart City winners

ParknavParknav sells real-time data about street-parking availability, mainly to the automotive industry. It is the only “no hardware” scalable solution that covers all streets in a city 24/7, with precision that surpasses 80%.

SmartsenSmartSEN is a sensor and data analytics company focused on providing businesses with technology to acquire and analyze remote sensor data.

wam-logo-with-textWorld Around Me is a local discovery app (on Android and iOS) helping people to find places of interest and local services to eat, drink, shop, stay, pray, stay healthy, move, refuel, access money – anywhere in the world. It uses augmented reality to help people visually orient towards the direction of the place of interest.


BwareIT – Israeli Startup that is developine SmartH2O water meter module and water consumer analytics platform. The SmartH2O IOT water meter can be standelone device attached to any water tap, pipe or hose. In additional SmartH2O module can be OEM to any device.

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