2017, here we come!

2016 has been a year of extensive transformation and growth for NUMA. But wait until you see what's coming in 2017...

2016 has been a year of extensive transformation and growth for NUMA. First, we opened offices in 2 new countries (Spain and Mexico) and we launched 2 new business lines: Corporate Education and our new software Selecteev.io.

Our staff doubled and we are extremely proud of our team of over 100 NUMAns now. We are thrilled to have met and welcomed incredible new people at NUMA. This is probably one the most promising achievements of all: continue growing, though keeping our spirit and mindset.

In our 6 NUMA offices around the world, 320 promising startups have now benefited from our acceleration programs. Besides that, a dozen of large organizations have trust us to support them in their digital transformation.

Our Open Innovation platforms reached new horizons, bringing the collaborations between corporates and startups to new levels. For instance:

digital-industry.io is bringing a brand new IoT platform for startups willing to disrupt the Industrial world with General Electric.

datacity.world aims to solve the challenges of smart cities thanks to entrepreneurs.

This year, more than ever, we have proved that entrepreneurs have the power to solve many of the challenges that we face. We are here to empower them in doing so.

In 2017, we are committed to intensify this support. We will scale our offer to startups, communities and corporates. Keeping our values and spirit in mind, we will discover new territories, extending our brand to new horizons.

Throughout this journey that will take us to a new level, the key is keep our mission in mind: shape unique and responsible leaders for tomorrow’s economy. Whether they’re Entrepreneurs or Corporate Directors. Or both.

“Our task is not to foresee the future, but to enable it” wrote Antoine de St Exupéry. 2017 will be the year that NUMA, with your help, will enable a brighter future.

Happy 2017!

And before starting this amazing new year ahead of us, we thought it’d be good to have a little look back on 2016…


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  • amyjokim

    congrats on a growth year – here’s to more success in 2017!